How to Solve VLC Media Player Errors and Problems

 How to fix  VLC Media Player Problems : VLC media player, often known as VLC, is a cross-platform media player  with versions for AndroidBeOSBSDiOSLinuxOS XOS/2QNXSolarisSyllable, and Windows developed by the VideoLAN project. It is is a portablefree and open-source. It was initially released on 1st February 2001.  It is the most stable, flexible and lightweight audio and video player around today. It is streaming media server  which is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider.  It is able to stream media over computer networks and to encode multimedia files. VLC media player is available for desktop operating  systems(OS) and many mobile platforms such as Windows Phone,  AndroidiPadiPhone, and iPod Touch. VLC media player is moreover available on App stores such as Apple’s App Store and Microsoft Windows Store.

VLC Media Player Errors and Problems

How to Solve VLC Media Player Errors and Problems

VLC, like most multimedia frameworks, has an interchangeable modular design which makes it easier to include modules/plugins for new file formats, codes, interfaces, or streaming methods. VLC media player supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats, including DVD-Video, video CD and streaming protocols.VLC is a packet-based media player. It plays almost all video content. It can play some, even if they are damaged, incomplete and unfinished. VLC media player can play high definition recordings duplicated to a computer. VLC can be installed or run directly from a USB flash drive or another external drive. The VLC media player software is able to read audio and video data from DVDs.

How to Solve VLC Media Player Errors and Problems

A beta version of VLC for Windows 8 was released to the Microsoft Store on March 13, 2014.A universal app was created for Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. On Windows, Linux, OS X, and some other Unix-like platforms, VLC provides enables users to view QuickTime, Windows Media, MP3 embedded in websites without using additional software. VLC media player can read several formats, depending on the operating system it is running on. VLC media player can transcode or stream audio and video into several formats depending on the operating system.

The foremost features of VLC media player are

  • àSupports a wide range of formats.
  • àEasy to use
  • àVery flexible and lightweight
  • àIntegration with web channel streaming services
  • àImproved interface in version 2
  • àMore format support in version 2
  • àPlays Blu Ray and HD.

VLC media player will play almost anything you can find to test on it. It will stream live radio through the internet. It will play a long-forgotten media file lost since 1995, and it will play your DVDs. The extra main additional feature of VLC media player is it even records. VLC comes with a wide range of options from configuring external displays, squeezing the audio, and video looping. VLC Media Player’s open-source code is also very specially made. It is customized which has led to a great variety of user-created add-ons being made available for download.How to Install VLC Media Player for PC

How to install VLC Media Player

Here are some convenient steps for the installation of VLC media player.

  • àOpen your web browser.
  • àSearch for “”.
  • àEnter into that website.
  • àA sequence of applications are shown. Search for VLC media player among the application.
  • àClick on it. You can see the Download VLC button on your Screen.
  • àDownload either 32bit or 64bit depending upon your respective Operating system.
  • àOnce the installation is completed, accept the terms provided by it.
    àFinally click on Finish button.

There are some problems arising in VLC media player. Some of the issues are as follows

Problems for VLC Media Player

How to Solve VLC Media Player Errors and Problems

  • Error in modifying or editing MP4 videos.
  • When MP4 file is affected with harmful viruses.
  • The video file header is unreadable or damaged.
  • VLC media player doesn’t have appropriate Codes.
  • Interruption during downloading.

 So update your VLC media player for required Codes and for smoothly running of the application.

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